Hello and welcome. I am Mr. Higgs.

Please click around and enjoy some of the work on this—my portfolio site.


I have the most exposure to video and film work. I enjoy moving design and art in all forms.


I started (like most designers) in print, and I understand the importance of logos and branding. I have a blast discussing and creating new identities with clients.


I have had the opportunity to work with some great clients when it comes to web and interactive design. It is always enjoyable to see how this ever-evolving medium can convey information.


The latest addition to my design “bag of tricks” has been working in 3D and animation. It is a nice new challenge that I have enjoyed sinking my teeth into.


About Mr. Higgs


As an artist and an educator I firmly believe that you should always be a student.

Never stop learning. To stop learning is to stagnate. This philosophy, though not a new concept by any means, can be appreciated when one can genuinely recognize those learning moments that place you in the role of student once again. A slice of time as little as watching a “How to Fold a T-shirt Quicker” video or listening to an 8-year old in church expound on “what makes a good friend” enables one to add a new skill to their repertoire and enjoy life in a whole new meaningful way.

With today’s social media it is easy to say and to see that we, as a whole, are bombarded with too much information. However, as an artist, it can be spun into something more than just a simple stream of consciousness. Artists can show that those 140 broadcasted characters CAN be made into something interesting and valuable to society, and not just information for information’s sake.


Non-Traditional?… That’s what you say!

I was born and raised in one of America’s finest Midwest locations.

I started graphic design freelance as early as 1993 when I graduated high school. After working at a few shirt-and-tie, cubicle jobs for five years, I decided to go to college. This part of my story marks the beginning of my passion for academia. With a new-found love of education, I received my B.F.A. with a focus in Visual Communication in 2003 from Herron School of Art, and later, after various teaching and design positions at Ball State University (BSU), went on to obtain my M.F.A. with a focus in 3-D Design
and Animation from BSU.

I now have a wonderful wife who is a fantastic designer, and we spend all day, every day, making the world a more viewer-friendly place to live.

What they say

If They Are So Inclined

Dr. Todd A. McDougle

So very excited to have launched my website with stellar development by Jason. The first online technique education site for Chiropractic Doctors! Thank you so much!

Dr. Todd A. McDouglePresident/CEOMcDougle Chiropractic Methods
Matt Wade

Jason Higgs is one of the best at taking the shine you have for your brand and transferring it into something you can show people.

Matt WadeCEORidge Hunters
Alex Wilson

Professor Higgs is one of the best educators I’ve ever had. His expertise went beyond the classroom and helped mentor me with life lessons I hold dear today.

Alex WilsonFormer Student
Anonymous Student

Prof Higgs taught me more information in his class that I will use after graduation than any other professor I’ve ever had.

Anonymous StudentClass Evaluation
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